Customer Testimonials

“From the beginning of tests on GeomCaliper, we found that GeomCaliper was an efficient and high-quality solution to the conception work. It is clear that GeomCaliper brings so many advantages if compared to the old way of making thickness analysis. Without GeomCaliper, several sections of the model were created manually along X, Y and Z axes and then some detailed analysis were made locally. Time need for the 2D classical analysis was very important.

GeomCaliper let users make semi-automatic 3D analysis on the entire model. GeomCaliper input data are exactly the same data that are produced from user, no additional pre processing is needed: GeomCaliper directly reads CATIA V5 files! Other kinds of thickness analysis are available too but their utilization in PSA is lower.

GeomCaliper integration in PSA environment has been easy and low cost; its interface with CATIA V5 is good and improved at every new release.”


Chargé d’Affaires CAO SSC

As an Engineer of plastic injection molded products, consistent wall stock is one variable that does effect part quality and having the ability to quickly analyze 3D models can help reduce product design issues and costly rework. GeomCaliper provides this with its direct interface with CatiaV5 and its ability to analysis an entire model for non-consistent wall stock areas. Since 2005, Disher Design has employed GeomCaliper on every plastic part design to ensure that we have optimized every possible area in our product designs prior to tooling.”


Mike Yandell,
Design Manager
Disher Design and Development

“GeomCaliper has proven to be an effective and valuable tool in the campaign to keep quality up and costs down. We have integrated GeomCaliper into our design process and it has resulted in a 75% reduction in the time taken to check wall thickness of complex models. At the same time, it is allowing us to discover those hidden critical areas that otherwise may have gone undetected.”


Scott Lanski,
Design Manager
Daimler Chrysler Corporation