PTC Creo Parametric


GeomCaliper enables designers to perform quick checks on their designs before before it goes to engineering and manufacturing for Review. With click of few buttons designers can identiy areas of design which are too thin or too thick immediately. This saves lot of time.

This helps in volume and weight reduction which ultimately results in improved performance significant material savings and reduced processing cost. The designers are ensured about quality of design.

Salient Features:

  • Fully integrated within PTC Creo Parametric and Pro/Engineer
  • Ray and Rolling ball available for checking wall thickness
  • Easy to locate critical thickness areas
  • Advanced visualization for easy interpretation of results
  • Ability to clip model at any section
  • Dynamic thickness display at point click
  • Compute thickness at selected region
  • Ability to ignore small thickness at edges
  • Create Customized reports in XML / HTML format



  • Quick and easy means of checking Design for manufacturing
  • Savings in downstream costs
  • Improved part quality, which is taken care  at design stage
  • Improved design productivity and ease of use


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