3D Wall Thickness Analysis in Catia V5

Wall thickness analysis is a key element in design process as it forms the basis of identifying regions critical from strength, material and manufacturing standpoint. Thin wall sections cause breakage of parts during manufacturing or during usage of the part. Thick wall sections can increase weight, needs more material thus increasing the cost. Optimal wall thickness is also important for adequate and sufficient strength of parts.

3D wall thickness analysisGeomCaliper for CATIA V5, a 3D wall thickness analysis tool enables designers to perform quick checks on their designs before it goes to engineering and manufacturing for review. With click of few buttons, designers can identify areas of design which are too thin or too thick immediately. GeomCaliper accelerates the design review process for manufacturability, enabling the designs to be prototyped and produced faster. Unlike traditional measurement tools, GeomCaliper is fast and easy to use and provides savings in downstream costs by improving product quality at the design stage itself. This helps in volume and weight reduction which ultimately results in improved performance  significant material savings and reduced processing cost. Watch Video


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GeomCaliper shows where to add muscle and where to cut fat

  • Quick & easy way to check design for manufacturability
  • Locates thick and thin wall thickness regions in 3D CAD models
  • ‘Import Critical Regions’ feature to import the critical thickness regions as annotations in CATIA V5 part file. The annotations created will mark the locations of corresponding critical regions on CATIA V5 model directly
  • Savings in downstream costs due to improved part quality, as a result of early analysis and design correction
  • Improved design productivity and quality
  • Saves considerable time and effort for thickness analysis and eliminates errors when compared to traditional method
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Hear from our Customer

GeomCaliper has proven to be an effective and valuable tool in the campaign to keep quality up and costs down. We have integrated GeomCaliper into our design process and it has resulted in a 75% reduction in the time taken to check wall thickness of complex models. At the same time it is allowing us to discover those hidden critical areas that otherwise may have gone undetected”

– Scott Lanski,
Design Manager
Chrysler Corporation