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GeomCaliper for Creo  Parametric – Release Notes

Features – Release 2.5
  • Added support up to:
    Creo 4 M020
    Creo 3 M140
    Creo 2 M240
  • Enhancement of import critical thickness regions option.

Please note: GeomCaliper for Creo Parametric is supported on 64-bit version only. This is due to discontinued support of 32-bit version from PTC Creo Parametric 4.0

Features – Release 2.4SP9
  • Added PLM tracking option
  • Added annotation import option for critical thickness regions

Features – Release 2.4SP8
  • Support provided for Windows 10 on 64 bit
  • Support upgraded to version M230 for Creo 2.0 and M110 for Creo 3.0
Please Note:
GeomCaliper on Creo Parametric will not be supported on Windows 10, 32 bit version
GeomCaliper on Creo Parametric will not be supported 32 bit platform in upcoming releases.

Features – Release 2.4SP7
  • Added ‘flip feature’ to invert colors in GeomCaliper options
  • GeomCaliper tessellation value settings are now remembered as default

Features – Release 2.4SP6
  • Added support for Creo Parametric 3.0

Features – Release 2.4SP4
  • Added support for Creo Parametric 2.0

Features – Release 2.4SP3
  • Added support for Creo Parametric 1.0

Features – Release 2.4SP1
  • Added support for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0
  • Improvements in model zoom using mouse wheel

Features – Release 2.3
  • Improved Accuracy of Thickness Checker tool – Displays important and more relevant results only, by filtering out non-critical results.
  • Templates – Create and load different templates of Options/Settings for different types of thickness analysis

Features – Release 2.2
  • Support for Multi-Core Processing. Significant improvement in performance
  • Critical Region Analysis in section thickness tools – ‘2D Thickness at Section’ and ‘3D Thickness at Section’
  • Ability to preserve Color Band settings – Min-Max values, Interval number, Band colors etc. – for next computation
  • Outside Range option in section thickness tools – ‘2D Thickness at Section’ and ‘3D Thickness at Section’
  • Min and Max thickness columns in Critical Region result table
  • New GeomCaliper License Manager tool – license configuration made easy
  • Support for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0
Issues Fixed-
  • Issue ID 123366: Problem with the GC results display on different graphics driver.

Features – Release 2.1
  • Customizable Color Band. Define your own intervals, colors and range values
  • Thickness analysis based on Contact Distance in Sphere Method
  • Enhanced mechanism for generating thickness analysis Reports
  • Ability to find critical regions lying ‘Outside’ the given thickness range
  • Define / Modify parameters like Status, Color and Comments for multiple critical regions at a time
  • Customizable options for display of critical regions
  • Performance Improvement:
  • Significant Improvement in Visualization Performance for Large Models
  • Computation Time Reduced by about 30 %
  • Ability to Import GCX files created in version 2.0
Issues Fixed-
  • Issue ID 123323: Issues with the tolerances in color band
  • Issue ID 122593: Model loading issues with hanging vertices in the model
  • Issue ID 124653: While configuring the licenses at the end of installation, Floating license cannot be configured if Node Lock license has been already configured

Features – Release 2.0
  • Supported on Windows XP 64-bit edition
  • Supported for 64-bit editions of Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0 and Wildfire 3.0
  • Two new tools to analyze thickness along sections of the model -> ‘2D Thickness at Section’ and ‘3D Thickness at Section’
  • Display contact distance between start and hit points in sphere method
  • Ability rename areas in critical regions list
  • Significant Performance Improvement

Features – Release 1.0
  • Quick and accurate thickness calculation
  • Easy to locate critical thickness areas
  • Advanced visualization for easy interpretation of results
  • Ability to clip model at any section
  • Dynamic thickness display at point click
  • Compute thickness at selected region
  • Customizable reports in XML /HTML format